Design Electronics
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1. Circuits

1P. Prototype circuits

2. Resistors

2P. Using a multimeter

3. Voltage dividers

3P. Investigating sensors

  Design File: Biscuit tin alarm   kits

4. Signals

4P. Using an oscilloscope

g_red_an.gif (323 bytes) 5. Capacitors

5P. Making a capacitor

g_red_an.gif (323 bytes) 6. Diodes

g_red_an.gif (323 bytes) 6P.

  Design File: Games timer   kits

g_red_an.gif (323 bytes) 7.

g_red_an.gif (323 bytes) 7P.

g_red_an.gif (323 bytes) 8.

g_red_an.gif (323 bytes) 8P.

g_red_an.gif (323 bytes) 9.

g_red_an.gif (323 bytes) 9P.

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