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We are working on several projects. The next two titles, expected early to mid '98 will be:

Discovering Electronic Clocks

This is a whole book, 200+ pages, about designing and making electronic clocks. You start by connecting HIGH and LOW logic signals to logic gates. You find out about and then build and test bistables, crystal-controlled astables, counters, decoders and displays. All of these subsystems are carefully explained with practical work supported by easy to follow prototype board layouts.

Full constructional details, including circuit diagrams and a printed circuit board pattern are given for a digital electronic clock. The circuit for the First Clock is modified and developed to produce additional designs which include a Big Digit Clock, Binary Clock, Linear Clock, Andrew's Clock (with a semi-analogue display), and a Circles Clock. All of these designs are unusual and distinctive.

Throughout the book, you will find lots of straightforward practical details and hints which will help to inspire you to develop your own solution to a design problem which has led to just a few commercially exploited solutions.

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Discovering Electronics PROJECTS

Building on the idea of Design Examples in Discovering Electronics with crocodile clips , this title will explain the development of ten new circuits from scratch, providing a landmark resource for electronics project work. Every Technology Department will want one!

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